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Light Duty 2 Post Lift (9K-12K)

The 2 post lift is a tool that’s indispensable to any mechanic and can be found in nearly every repair shop.

At it’s core the two post car lift is designed with you in mind: to make your job easier. Increasing your productivity to generate more revenue.

Like anything else you do: choosing the right two post lift is just like choosing the right tool for the job. At Ace Service & Installation, you can trust us to find the best possible lift for your garage. You’ll want to let us know type of vehicles you service and any spacial constraints. Choosing the right two post lift for your application will result in increased productivity and ease during operation.

Keep in mind, there really are differences between two post lifts. Unlike others in the industry, we only sell lifts that are ALI Certified. An ALI Certification ensures that the lift is properly engineered. You cannot trust the rated capacity of a lift that is not ALI Certified. One of the main criteria for this certification of a two post lift is that it must be tested at 1.5 times its rated capacity. Any safe, quality 2 post lift from a reputable manufacturer will be able to pass this test.

Having said that, we’re a proud distributor of Challenger Lifts! Challenger two post lifts are manufactured to the highest standards for long lasting durability. Challenger is also constantly designing key productivity features in each 2 post car lift and you reap the benefits.

We’re a Challenger Authorized Installer. We will provide you with installation and warranty for any two post lift you purchase. Delivery and installation is available for Suffolk County, Nassau County, New York City, and Westchester.