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Mobile Column Lifts

Mobile Column Lifts: Heavy Duty Lifting Solution

If You Can Build It We Can Lift It

Mobile Column lifts by Challenger are designed with safety, convenience, and ease of use in mind. Available in 13,500 lbs and 18,500 lbs options, the Challenger mobileHD lifts are engineered to lift any vehicle regardless of axle length or wheelbase. Service any rubber tired vehicles with ease. From small passenger cars, to buses and ambulances the CLHM can do it all. One system can accommodate multiple bays with accessory stands.

The Mobile Column Lift has grown to become a staple in most heavy duty shops and fleet maintenance garages. They’re the most efficient use of space and the cost of maintenance is also cheaper than a traditional inground lift.

The CLHM Series Lifts are wireless, battery operated, and proudly made in the USA to the highest standards of Challenger Lifts. While other manufacturers may offer additional options, the CLHM Lifts come standard with batteries, integrated weight gauges and touch screen controls. Perfect for sanitation companies and fleet repair shops. We supply delivery, setup, and training for customers in the New York area. You can view specific model information here.