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Ace Car Service & Installation – Lift Repair – Inspections

Equipment Repair:

Ace Service & Installation prides itself on fast, reliable service at reasonable rates, helping you avoid costly downtime. We service all lifts, stocking a vast array of service parts for Challenger, Rotary, Forward, BendPak, Benwil, and Weaver lifts, such as power units, cables, cable sheaves, lift pads, and much more. We also offer repair service for air compressors, and are an Authorized Champion Service Center in Farmingdale.

We provide service calls to Suffolk, Nassau, NYC, Farmingdale, and Westchester. Our technicians are experienced in the repair of lifts, air compressors, brake lathes, tire machines, AC machines, lubrication systems, exhaust systems and much more.

Lift Inspections:

We’re a service based company just like you. We both know the advantages of inspections and routine maintenance, but they’re easy to forget or ignore. It may seem like you’re saving money, but how much do you save when a cable unexpectedly snaps, or when a customer’s car gets stuck in the air?

Our Farmingdale technicians are trained and qualified lift inspectors. It’s highly recommended that you have your lift inspected annually in order to ensure that there are no safety issues. Insurance companies and OSHA inspectors alike are starting to ask about inspections as well.

Our comprehensive inspection package includes checking all cables and pulleys, tightening and torquing all bolts, lubricating the columns, performing any necessary adjustments to level the lift, inspection sticker, and completion of inspection paperwork. Call us for a quote!


We sell all types of equipment ourselves, but if you have something you’ve already purchased that requires installation, feel free to call us for a quote!

Shop Relocation Service:

Moving your shop? Whether it’s one lift being moved to another bay, or an entire shop being moved to another town, we can dismantle, transport, and reinstall any equipment you have.