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Challenger Lifts Model CL4P7 7,000 lbs. Capacity 4-Post Storage Lift

ALI Certified 7,000 lbs Capacity, 4-Post Storage Lift
68” Rise Height, 63” Clearance Underneath Fully Raised
6’ 7.5” Column Height, 8’ 4.5“ Overall Width, 13’ 3.5“ Length (Without 36” Ramps)

Challenger Lifts CL4P7 Four Post Mounted Home Storage Lift also has a dual purpose function as a DIY light duty general service lift. Challenger’s light duty 4-Post Lifts are commercial grade, superior quality than competitors, available at an economical price point for homeowners and enthusiasts.

Standard 115V Single Phase with 220V Upgrade Available.

Stocked Locally in Farmingdale, NY

7,000 lb 4 Post Lift Overview:

Over the course of over 30 years in the industry, the team at Ace Service & Installation has sold thousands of lifts and installed various different brands. We can say from experience that Challenger’s light duty four post lift are the absolute best 4 post lift on the market for light work, homeowners, and automotive enthusiasts.

For an economy 4-Post Lift, Challenger’s CL4P7 is the absolute best quality at a reasonable price point. What makes it such as great lift? The answer is quality of manufacturing and quality of the engineering and design: these lifts are essentially just a smaller scaled down version of the larger popular Challenger 14,000 pound four post lifts.

Challenger’s CL4P7 7,000 lb. capacity 4-post home car lift was designed with versatility in mind. From home enthusiast and commercial storage applications to light duty general service applications, these home garage lifts compliment your service needs and are loaded with real benefits. They are essential for the “do it yourself” home garage, providing the best of both worlds – store a vehicle up top and below when the lift is fully raised, or use these vehicle lifts to service your vehicles.


It’s the best of both worlds! Service your vehicles or store them up top. The Challenger CL4P7 offers 63” Clearance underneath when fully raised, allowing you to park convertibles, coupes, and full size sedans underneath for everyday use. Optional drip tray set completes the storage application, keeping any fluids from contacting the vehicle underneath.


The Challenger Lifts CL4P7 offers superior quality than competitive 4-Post Lift brands. With multiple lock positions and an open runway with room to work, it is a perfect lift for light duty service up to 7,000 lb. Capacity. Optional rolling jacks and jack trays provide quick tire and brake work access.



3,500 or 4,500 lb. capacity rolling jacks
RJ3.5, RJ4.5

Air/hydraulic pump kit


Plastic Drip Tray (set of 4)

Stainless Steel Drip Tray (set of 3)


4,500 lb. capacity jack tray

Perfect for Small Spaces

Challenger’s ALI Certified 7,000 lbs. Capacity CL4P7 4-Post home car lift is perfect for light duty commercial service or storage applications. Challenger Lifts 7,000 lb. four post lift and commercial service lift were specifically designed for environments with limited space. The CL4P7 4 post lift is perfect for a home garage with tight space constraints. Overall width on this model is only 8’ 4.5” outside to outside, which really isn’t much more space than a typical parking spot. Overall length on this model is 16’ 3.5” which includes the ramps. This lift comes standard with 36” Drop-In Aluminum Ramps which are removable. The effective length of this lift without the ramps is 13’ 3.5”.

The Challenger CL4P7 is ALI Certified to be freestanding as long as your floor does not have a slope that exceeds ⅛” per 12”. In other words, it does not have to be anchored. This 4-Post Lift can be bolted down or left free-standing so you can relocate it anywhere. One of the advantages of installing a free standing four post lift is the portability that accompanies it – when used with the optional #CL4P9CS Caster Kit you can move it around when needed. This free standing four post lift offers a convenient and reliable option for home storage and light duty commercial work.

Multiple Power Unit Locations:

The power unit on your CL4P7 four post lift can be placed either on the driver’s side front column, or the passenger side rear column. These options offer convenient power control accessibility and versatility for any garage layout.

Safety First, Protect Your Precious Cargo:

The Challenger CL4P7 four post lift features thirteen (13) different locking positions that automatically engage while the lift is in operation.


  • Larger cables meet the 5:1 safety standard required for ALI Certification.
  • Adjustable lock ladder ensures that the runways maintain level when locked in place on a floor with a normal garage floor slope.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Runways ensure a strong, stable unit.
  • Simple manual mechanical lock system on front and rear cross beams comes pre-installed from the factory.
  • Air compressor is not required for operation. Many competitive lifts require an air compressor for pneumatic lock release.

Do you want the best? Of course you do! That’s why you’re looking at a Challenger Lift.

Why should you purchase your Challenger CL4P7 from Ace Service & Installation?

  1. One of the Largest Stocking Distributors of Challenger Lifts in the Nation – we source Challenger Lifts in bulk truckload quantity which are stored at our facilities in Farmingdale, NY. Not only can we offer the most competitive prices, we can often beat the turnaround time of our competitors.
  2. Factory Authorized Distributor/Installer/Service Center – Why does this matter? Factory Authorized Installation is important to make sure your lift is installed properly and working safely. As a matter of fact, most manufacturers will void at least the labor portion of your warranty if the lift is not installed by a Factory Authorized Installer. If you purchase your Challenger Lift from Ace Service & Installation, you can rest assured knowing you have full warranty coverage. You can rest even easier knowing we perform warranty service in-house, eliminating third party contractors, providing the best possible service!
  3. Guaranteed Lowest Prices – We pay close attention to the prices of our competitors. Our in-house installation teams give us the ability to create a “turn-key” packaged bundle for your specific needs offering the most competitive prices on quality products with the best possible service. In the unlikely event you find a turn-key package available for less money, send us what you’re looking at and we’ll beat it. It’s that simple. Our prices will not be beaten!
  4. We’re a Local Business Right Here in New York – While there are countless internet distributors each offering 15 – 20 options of cheap bargain-brand lifts, Ace Service & Installation takes great care selecting the products we sell. This is based on three generations of hands on experience selling, servicing, and installing automotive equipment. If an internet distributor sells you a cheap lift that has a problem in a year, they’re half-way across the country and already made their money. Since we’re a local business, if you have a problem with anything you purchased, you’re right in our backyard! It is in our best interest to want to recommend a quality product that will meet your needs, work for years to come, and have parts support available.
  5. Years of Hands-On Experience – Internet drop-shippers make some pretty bold claims about their years of experience but here’s the truth: they don’t stock lifts, they don’t install lifts, and they don’t fix lifts. We have the years of experience necessary to properly assess your needs, recommend options, and educate you to make an informed purchasing decision.
  6. One-Stop Shop with Hassle-Free Installation – Buying a lift at Ace Service & Installation is simple! Why wait for your lift to be drop shipped from the factory and have to get your own forklift to unload? We keep most lifts in stock and arrange for on-site delivery and installation to be completed in 4 – 5 hours with our trained technicians and our flatbed truck.
  7. Reputation – There’s a reason that Car Dealerships, Fortune 500 Fleet Operations, Municipal Garages, Small Shops and Hobbyists all rely on Ace Service & Installation for their automotive equipment needs: we have a proven track record of honesty, integrity, quality workmanship, and competitive prices. If you walk into a repair shop in NY that has a good quality lift, there’s a very likely chance it may have our sticker on it. We have continued to grow over our long history based on strong positive word of mouth and also have online reviews available.