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Challenger Lifts EV1020 Series 10,000 Lb. Capacity Inground Car Lift

11’ 8” Overall Height, 74” Rise

97” Overall Width / 10,000 lb. Capacity

Challenger’s electric hydraulic cassette-style 10,000 lb. capacity inground lift meets the demands of professional service facilities. With a smaller footprint, your shop can maximize service bays. The EV1020 is available with either 3-stage front and rear arms or a fixed drive-on pad. Our added Quick Cycle™ models can rise in just 27 seconds and lower in only 17 seconds. Expand your service potential with our most versatile, easy-to-operate inground lift.

Challenger Lifts EV1020 10,000 lbs Inground Lift Overview:


  1. Front & Rear 3-Stage Versymmetric Arms offer safe access to proper pickup points for symmetric and asymmetric lifting within the same service bay to maximize capability and increase potential revenue.
  2. The Challenger EV1020 offers an 87” drive thru clearance which is the widest in the industry.
  3. Double Telescoping Screw Pads minimizes the frequency of having to use truck adapters to access pickup points.
  4. Over 50% more bearing contact than competitive inground lifts for increased lifting stability.
  5. Mechanical locks engage every 3” giving the technician the ability to set their desired height to increase productivity and minimize fatigue.
  6. Stainless steel pneumatic lock release cylinder protects the lift from rust commonly associated with condensation.
  7. The EV1020 Enviorlifts come fully contained in a sealed polymer cassette tube minimizing the risk of hydraulic fluid seeping into the ground which has become associated with low pressure inground car lifts.
  8. Chrome non-breathing ram style cylinder minimizes water intake and other contamination.
  9. Larger 8 ½” diameter chrome pistons offer protection against rust and lift with greater stability under load.
  10. NEW Enhanced raised wiper at the top and bottom of bearing provides better grease retention and minimizes contaminants from entering into bearings.

Versymmetric Arm Design: The Challenger EV1020 is equipped with Front & Rear 3-Stage Triple Telescoping Verymmetric Arms that offer both symmetric and asymmetric lifting capability. Challenger’s unique arm design is going to offer both more extension and more retraction than any other competitor’s arms design, allowing you to reach a wider range of OEM pickup points.

Bearing Contact: Challenger’s Inground Lifts feature over 50% more bearing contact than other competitive models providing smooth and stable lifting.

Drive-Thru Clearance: The Challenger EV1020 Inground Lifts offers the widest drive-thru clearance in the industry at 87” to accommodate wider vehicles, minimize tire pinching, and provide easy drive-on access.

Lock Ladder: Mechanical locking ladder engages every 3” for safe lifting and stainless steel air lock release prevents rust commonly associated with condensation on competitive lifts.

NEW Enhanced Raised Wipers made from thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) are resilient to impacts, abrasions, oils, and grease. Challenger’s Inground Lifts require quarterly greasing as opposed to competitor’s monthly maintenance.

Optional StayDry Kit: Pneumatically powered from the existing air supply, the StayDry Kit automatically removes any condensate from the floor of the lift containment system each time the operator lowers the lift.

Chrome Cylinders: All Challenger EV Series Inground Lifts come standard with ultra hard, low friction chrome cylinders to allow for the longest possible lifetime. These chrome cylinders are less prone to abrasion and corrosion from salt. They also stand up to high stress contact much better than their competitive counterparts while also offering a clean attractive finish.

Standard Power Controls: The EV1020 standard power unit control mounts to walls near workbenches. Features single push button lift unction and down release valve handle.

Optional Bench Mount Power Controls: The upgraded bench mounted power controls include raise, lower and lock release functions. They are aesthetically pleasing and mount to many major workbench brands providing convenient access to inground lift controls.


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