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Challenger Lifts CLHM Series: Mobile Column Lifts for the 21st Century

The Challenger Lifts CLHM Mobile Column Lifts are available in 14,000 and 19,000 Capacity (per column). These mobile column lifts are built to be robust, and designed for maneuverability with easa on nearly every solid surface, indoors or out. Mobile lifts provide the flexibility and convenience to lift any rubber-tired vehicle, from small passenger cars to large 2-, 3- or 4-axle vehicles up to 152,000 pounds. Our heavy-duty mobile lifts are also capable of lifting vehicles of any axle length or wheelbase.

The Industry’s Only True Wireless Mobile Column Lift

The Challenger Lifts CLHM Series are the only complete wireless mobile column lifts on the market. What does this mean? This lift is fully battery and hydraulic operated, with no cords and cables. Batteries eliminate the need for power cables, and built-in state of the art wireless communication eliminates the clutter of analog communication cables. Unlike other battery operated mobile column lifts, the Challenger CLHM mobile lifts come standard with necessary batteries.

The Challenger Lifts CLHM Mobile Lifts have an integrated touchscreen control console in each column that interfaces with a PLC Board for precise, simple operation. Each column has 25 heavy duty safety locks every 2-1/2″, which allow each technician to work at their personal most ergonomic height. This lift is made in the U.S.A.


Hydraulic operated unites provide heavy duty lifting capacity from 28,000/38,000 lbs. (set of 2) to 112,000/152,000 lbs. (set of 8) enabling heavy-duty lifting from small cars to large trucks, transit, and municipality vehicles.

  • 110 volt built in multi-stage charging system
  • Adjustable wheel carriages fits a range of wheels
  • Integrated touch screen control console provides easy-to-use and precise operating.
  • Precise balanced design, heavy-duty tow handle and spring loaded wheels make moving and aligning individual lift units simple and easy with little effort.
  • Operates with 12 volt deep cycle batteries to eliminate the need for power source hook ups and provide 24 volt operation
  • Meets stringent ALI Gold Label standards

Safety Features

  • Linear position transducers maintains system synchronization and ensures maximum reliability
  • Integrated weight gauges help prevent column overloading and verifies lock engagement
  • Wireless system for clutter free work area without cables to connect, navigate around, roll-over or replace


  • 110V built in multi-stage charging system for battery, wireless operation.
  • Charging status light provides real-time battery updates to assist with job planning and management.


  • Wireless operation system allows for a clutter-free work area without cables to connect, navigate around, rollover or replace.
  • 12 radio frequencies with a wide channel range (100 to 120) for each frequency prevents radio noise from interrupting service.


Android-based integrated touch screen control console provides easy-to-use control and precise measurements of lifting height and lifting weight per column.

  • Internal CPU and fully functional web browser
  • On-board training videos and manuals

Challenger Lifts Model CLHM-140

ALI Certified 14,000 lbs Capacity, Mobile Column Lift with 157.125″ Full Rise

Challenger Lifts Model CLHM-190

ALI Certified 19,000 lbs Capacity, Mobile Column Lift with 157.125″ Full Rise

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