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Challenger Lifts CLFP9 9,000 Lb. Two-Post Lift

10′ 7/8” Overall Column Height, 78.125” Rise
137.5” Overall Width / 9,000 lb. Capacity

With a 9,000 lb. capacity and 10’ 7/8” overall column height, Challenger’s CLFP9 2-post is ideal for low ceiling applications. 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms provide maximum sweep, arm retraction and reach. A low-profile drive-over floor plate allows for easy vehicle positioning, which makes it great for home enthusiast garages or professional service shops. The CLFP9 also features double-telescoping screw footpads, a durable powder coat finish and plated arm pins.

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Challenger Lifts CLFP9 9,000 lbs Low Ceiling 2 Post Lift Overview:


  1. Low Ceiling Application: Open-Top deisgn with 10′ 7/8″ Overall Column Height allows this 2 Post Car Lift to be placed in service bays with low ceilings.
  2. Front & Rear Versymmetric 3-Stage Triple Telescoping Arms lift both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the same service bay maximizing service capabilities and revenue potential.
  3. Low Profile Drive-Over Baseplate makes vehicle positioning easy.
  4. Dual Point Mechanical Lock Release allows technician to disengage column locks on each side.
  5. Double Telescoping Screw Pads with adjustable heights reduce the frequency of having to use truck adapters to meet the proper pickup points.
  6. Fully Gusseted Baseplate Design reduces column deflection and offers more stable operation on floors that are not completely level.
  7. Plated Arm Pins inhibit rust and provide long lasting durability.

Versymmetric Arm Design: The Challenger CLFP9 2 Post Lift is equipped with Front & Rear 3-Stage Triple Telescoping Arms. Challenger’s Versymmetric Arm Design offers both more extension and more retraction allowing you to reach a wider variety of pickup points.

Heavy Duty Chain: The Challenger CLFP9 is equipped with a heavy duty lifting chain and a cable equalization system to provide the smoothest, most stable lifting during operation.

Arm Pad Design: Double Telescoping Screw Pads offer adjustable height to service vehicles with a wider variety of ground clearances. Rubber foot pads minimize stress to vehicles with delicate undercoatings.

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Pre-Installation Site Survey: You can view detailed specifications on this lift below. If you’re not quite sure if your lift will fit, Ace Service & Installation will arrange for a technician to come visit your location for a site survey to check concrete depth, measurements, and confirm that everything goes smooth the day of installation! Start the process by requesting a quote here.

Model Number CLFP9
Lifting Capacity*
Lifting Configuration Symmetric
A Rise Height 79.125˝ (2010mm)
B Column Height 120.875˝ (3070mm)
C Overall Width 137.5" (3493mm)
D Drive-Thru Clearance 98.187" (2494mm)
E Front Arm Reach 24.5˝/ 44.5˝ (623 / 1131mm)
F Rear Arm Reach 24.5˝/ 44.5˝ (623 / 1131mm)
G Screw Pad Height Adj. 4˝ - 5.875˝ (102mm - 149mm)
H Inside of Columns 109" (2769mm)
Ceiling Height Required 10' 1.875" (3096mm)
Motor 2HP, Single Phase, 60Hz
Voltage 208 - 230v
Speed of Rise 50 s
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