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Challenger Lifts SA10 ALI-Certified 10,000 Lb. Two-Post Lift

11′ 4-1/2″ / 11′ 10-1/2″ Overall Height, 74.875” Rise

10’ 9” Overall Width / 10,000 lb. Capacity

Challenger Lifts’ SA10 features the ability to be configured in either the symmetric or asymmetric position dependent upon the service requirements of your shop. The SA10 features 3-stage front arms that provide maximum extension and retraction ensuring safe and reliable lifting on all vehicles within rated capacity.

With adjustable height and width options, double telescoping screw pads, durable powder coat finish, plated arm restraints and pins and many other appealing features, the SA10 will accommodate the rigorous demands of a full service facility. Available in red and blue.

Stocked Locally in Farmingdale, NY

Challenger Lifts SA10 10,000 lbs 2 Post Lift Overview:


  1. Versymmetric 3-Stage Triple Telescoping Front Arms provide greater overall arm sweep.
  2. Double Telescoping Screw Pads with adjustable heights reduce the frequency of having to use truck adapters to meet the proper pickup points.
  3. Adjustable Height (11′ 4.5″ – 11′ 10.5″) & Adjustable Width (10′ 9″ – 11″ 5.5″) provides versatility for installation at New York service facilities where space is at a premium, while still offering the clear-floor operation that most mechanics desire.
  4. Single Point Mechanical Lock Release allows technician to disengage column locks on each side simultaneously.
  5. Padded Overhead Shut-Off System prevents vehicle damage from being raised too high.
  6. Premium Powder Coat Paint provides long lasting durable finish.
  7. Rubber Door Guards offer added security against vehicle door damage.
  8. Mirrored “S” Shaped Columns provide clear concave conduit for the bearings.

Versymmetric Arm Design: The Challenger SA10 2 Post Lift is equipped with Front 3-Stage Triple Telescoping Arms. Challenger’s Versymmetric Arm Design offers both more extension and more retraction allowing you to reach a wider variety of pickup points.

Adjustable Height: The Challenger SA10 2 Post Lift features an adjustable overhead beam (11′ 4.5″ – 11′ 10.5″) allowing technicians to retain clear-floor operation in a service bay that does not have a 12′ ceiling.

Arm Pad Design: Double Telescoping Screw Pads offer adjustable height to service vehicles with a wider variety of ground clearances. Rubber foot pads minimize stress to vehicles with delicate undercoatings.

Mirrored “S” Shaped Column: The Challenger SA10 can be installed in a true asymmetric configuration (tilted columns) or a symmetric configuration.

Rubber Door Guards: Factory Standard to reduce vehicle door damage and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Pre-Installation Site Survey: You can view detailed specifications on this lift below. If you’re not quite sure if your lift will fit, Ace Service & Installation will arrange for a technician to come visit your location for a site survey to check concrete depth, measurements, and confirm that everything goes smooth the day of installation! Start the process by requesting a quote here.