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Mohawk Lifts LMF-12 12,000 Lb. Two Post lift

7′ 3” Column Height, 6′ 5” Rise

12′ 7-1/2” Overall Width / 12,000 lb. Capacity

Stocked Locally in Farmingdale, NY


  • Mohawk’s two post lift columns are constructed of 3⁄4” thick forklift masts, for a lifetime of trouble-free service.
  • Each Mohawk two post lift features a carriage that rolls on 8 double-sealed, self- lubricating steel ball bearing rollers. Not plastic slide blocks.
  • The Mohawk LMF-12 2 post lift features two [2] large 4” heavy duty cylinders which make for safer, steadier lifting than single cylinder lifts or competitive brands with smaller cylinders.
  • Easily adjustable overhead stainless steel hydraulic lines can be set at any height (or routed in floor) to accommodate all tall trucks and vans.
  • 60 second lifting speed saves shops time and money.
  • Low profile 5” swing arms fit under most passenger cars.
    • Mohawk Heavy Duty two post lifts come standard with 5”, 71⁄2” and 10” pad height extensions/stack adapters.
    • Available with optional low profile three stage swing arms that retract an additional 2” (1” each side) shorter and offer additional 10” extension for varied fleets.


  • Mohawk two post lifts feature all position mechanical safety locks in both columns, starting at the ground, to full lifting height of 6’.
  • Patented infinite position, internal hydraulic safeties, backed by external pressure compensated flow controls and velocity fuse valving.
  • Swing arm restraints automatically engage upon lifting, and automatically disengage when the vehicle has been fully lowered.
  • The best and most inclusive warranty in the lift business, 25 years structural, 10 year mechanical, plus limited lifetime cylinder seal warranty. Mohawk builds the best two post lifts, with the best warranty.
  • Lease/purchase plans available for 1-5 years. Call Ace Service & Installation 631-694-0220 now!
  • The best, and most inclusive warranty in the lift business; 25 years structural, 10 year mechanical, plus limited lifetime cylinder seal warranty. Mohawk builds the best two post lifts, with the best warranty.


  • Hydraulic fluid is pumped between the two cylinders through the overhead (or optional in-floor) stainless steel hydraulic lines. Patented hydraulic synchronization eliminates the need for restrictive height overhead covers, cables, pulleys, equalizer chains or obstructive floor plates.
  • To raise the carriages, Mohawk’s LMF-12 two post lift uses direct drive lifting rods which eliminate the wear & maintenance associated with lifts that use cables, chains, & overhead cable covers.
  • Mohawk carriages roll on eight double sealed, self- lubricating, steel ball bearing rollers, for a lifetime of maintenance-free operation.
  • Mohawk bearings last longer, with less friction and wear than competitive lifts using plastic slide blocks which need constant greasing and maintenance.

100% designed, welded, and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Mohawk’s Heavy Duty Two Post Lifts offer FULL unobstructed under vehicle access for all repairs, take up minimal bay space and leaves wheels hanging free for tire, brake or any other necessary repairs.
Mohawk’s LMF-12 features a large and stable footprint measuring 30” wide by 24” constructed from 3⁄4” thick plate. Mohawk’s large base gives stability to the lift, while distributing the load to the shop floor.
Mohawk’s forklift channel & bearing (top right) VS. 3 different competitive columns which use bent sheet metal and plastic slide blocks. Like the mast on your forklift, Mohawk Lifts DO NOT WEAR OUT!
Heavy duty column construction with direct drive cylinders, direct drive lifting rods (not cables) and stainless steel hydraulic lines (not rubber hoses) which will never wear.
Each Mohawk LMF-12 two post lift features a carriage that rolls on eight [8] 4” double sealed, self lubricating, heavy duty ball bearing rollers for a lifetime of trouble-free service (not plastic slide blocks).
Mohawk’s LMF-12 two post lift has ALL position 1” thick mechanical locks on BOTH carriages that engage for the full length of travel. Available with optional single point air lock release (requires air to lift).
This photo shows Mohawk’s cylinder size vs competitive brands. It’s pretty simple: LARGE 4” CYLINDERS = longer seal life and lower operating pressures than smaller competitive cylinders. There’s a reason Mohawk Lifts offers the best warranty in the business!
We know you’ll be lifting heavy vehicles! That’s why Mohawk Lifts come standard with 5”, 7–1⁄2” and 10” stacking adapters (for hard to reach frames).
This photo shows Mohawk’s FORK LIFT CHANNEL & bearing (bottom) vs. competitive columns & plastic slider (top). Plastic slide blocks will wear out over time. Mohawk’s sealed roller bearings have a significantly longer life span.
Optional Low-Profile 3-Stage Arms available on the LMF-12 for varied fleets.


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