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Mohawk Lifts A7 ALI-Certified 7,000 Lb. Heavy Duty Two-Post Lift

11’ 11.875” Overall Height, 74.75” Rise

10′ 11.75” Overall Width / 10,000 lb. Capacity

Mohawk’s A-7 model is an asymmetric two post lift with a 7,000 lb. lifting capacity. This asymmetric design allows Mohawk’s A-7 lift to fit in narrow 10’ wide bays while all vehicle doors are fully opened. The A-7 also features a clear floor work area designed for free and easy access around your shop.

Stocked Locally in Farmingdale, NY


  • Mohawk columns are constructed of 3/4” thick shaped forklift masts, for a lifetime of trouble-free service.
  • Each Mohawk two post lift features a carriage that rolls on 8 double-sealed, self- lubricating steel ball bearing rollers. Not plastic slide blocks.
  • The Mohawk A7 2 post lift features large heavy duty cylinders which make for safer, steadier lifting than single cylinder lifts or competitive brands with smaller cylinders.
  • Adjustable height overhead stainless steel hydraulic lines can be set at any height to accommodate tall trucks and vans. Optional in-ground hydraulic lines available.
  • Adjustable column width by lengthening the overhead steel hydraulic lines.
  • 4” low profile swing arms fit under the lowest riding sports cars.
  • 3” and 6” stackable truck adaptors are included as standard equipment.


  • Rotated columns and offset arms allow damage-free opening of vehicle doors or convenient under-dash access whether on or off the ground.
  • Mohawk’s A7 2 Post Lift will fit even in narrow service bays with 10’ 7” total width or shops with low ceilings.


  • Mohawk two post lifts feature all position mechanical safety locks in both columns, starting at the ground, to full lifting height of 6’.
  • Patented infinite position, internal hydraulic safeties, backed by external pressure compensated flow controls and velocity fuse valving.
  • Swing arm restraints automatically engage upon lifting, and automatically disengage when the vehicle has been fully lowered.
  • The best and most inclusive warranty in the lift business, 25 years structural, 10 year mechanical, plus limited lifetime cylinder seal warranty. Mohawk builds the best two post lifts, with the best warranty.
  • Lease/purchase plans available for 1-5 years. Call our office (631) 694-0220 now!

100% designed, welded, and manufactured in the U.S.A.


1. Open any door on any vehicle for maximum clearance when switching from under-car to under-dash service.

2. Rotated columns with asymmetric lift arms will lift cars, trucks or vans with maximum safety and stability. 3” and 6” stacking adaptors included means no interference between lift arms and under vehicle access.

3. Heavy duty post design using dual cylinders with 1-1/2” #646 leaf chain provides adjustment free maintenance for the life of the lift.

4. All-position twin safeties combine positive mechanical locks backed by a hydraulic safety system for absolute security at every height.

5. Mohawk’s large and stable footprint measures 26.5” wide and is made of 3/4” thick plate. Mohawk’s base with 7 lag bolts gives stability to the lift, while distributing the load to the shop floor.

6. Mohawk’s forklift channel & bearing (top right) VS. 3 different competitive columns which use bent sheet metal and plastic slide blocks. Like the mast on your forklift, Mohawk Lifts DO NOT WEAR OUT!

7. Each carriage rolls on steel ball bearing rollers (not plastic slide blocks) for a lifetime of trouble free service.

8. This photo shows Mohawk’s FORK LIFT CHANNEL & bearing (bottom) vs. competitive columns & plastic slider (top). Plastic slide blocks will wear out over time. Mohawk’s sealed roller bearings have a significantly longer life span.

9. This photo shows Mohawk’s cylinder size vs competitive brands. It’s pretty simple: LARGE 4” CYLINDERS = longer seal life and lower operating pressures than smaller competitive cylinders. There’s a reason Mohawk Lifts offers the best warranty in the business!

10. It’s a well known fact that over time cables will stretch, fray, and wear. That’s why Mohawk’s 7,000 lbs 2 Post Lifts use #646 HIGH STRENGTH leaf chain.

11. Low Ceiling Application: stainless steel overhead hydraulic lines are capable of being adjusted to suit your space, or run in-floor for both clear-floor and clear-overhead use. Mohawk’s two post lifts offer unparalleled versatility making it the lift that fits where others won’t!


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