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Mohawk Lifts Model TP20 20K Two Post Lift

10’ ½” Column Height, 14′ Overall Width (Adjustable), 72” Rise

ALI Certified 20,000 lbs Capacity, Adjustable Height Overhead Hydraulics (Inground Option Available)

Stocked Locally in Farmingdale, NY


  • Heavy Duty Two Post Lift for vehicles up to 20,000 lbs.
  • Mohawk’s TP-20 two post lift columns are constructed of heavy duty 7” x 1“ thick forklift masts, for a lifetime of trouble-free service.
  • Each Mohawk TP-20 features a carriage that rolls on 24 double-sealed, self- lubricating steel ball bearing rollers (not plastic slide blocks) and large 4.5” cylinders to ensure smooth operation.
  • Clear-floor surface mounted design with adjustable height stainless steel hydraulic lines.
  • No in-ground oil tanks, no digging for installations, making installations fast and service easy.
  • The TP-20 two post lift uses direct drive lifting rods that are attached to each cylinder and carriage. This eliminates the need for cables, chains, and pulleys. What does this mean for you? No parts to wear or maintain.
  • Low profile, 3 stage arms for access under compact cars through medium duty trucks. Mohawk’s low profile, high strength arm design is capable of lifting light thru medium duty vehicles: Mohawk’s TP-20 lifts them all!
  • ALI Certified to meet national and local ANSI codes (ANSI/ALI ALCTV) for the safety of your shop’s employees.


  • Single point mechanical lock release, located at the main post, unlocks both safeties.
  • Release the mechanical locks with Mohawk’s air cylinders. Upon release, safeties immediately re-engage.
  • ALI Certified 20,000 lb. Capacity to safely raise fully loaded work and utility trucks.
  • The TP-20 two post lift has 14 locking positions with locks engaging at 5”
  • Locks are constructed from 11/2” thick steel plate
  • Optional safety gauge verifies lift has been lowered onto locks.

100% designed, welded, and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Mohawk’s heavy duty two post lift features a large and stable footprint measuring 47 1/2” wide x 30” and is constrcuted from 1” thick plate. Mohawk’s large base gives stability to the lift, while distributing the load to the shop floor. The TP-20 two post lift only requires 61/2” of concrete.
Mohawk’s 2 post lifts use all position mechanical and hydraulic safety systems lock the vehicles at ALL working heights. Mohawk safeties consist of 11/2” plate steel locks engaging into the slotted carriage lock racks.
4 HP single or 3 phase electro-hydraulic power unit delivers fluid to large twin hydraulic cylinders. Power unit includes overhead kill switch.
Mohawk’s TP-20 gives FULL under vehicle access for all repairs, takes up minimal bay space and leaves the wheels hanging free for tire, brake or other repairs.
Mohawk’s direct drive lifting system eliminates cables, chains or any other parts designed to wear out. Direct drive lifting is achieved from the cylinder to the 11/2” steel drive rods, which bolt to the carriage.
Mohawk’s 20K 2 post lifts come standard with double telescoping 3 stage swing arms are only 5 3/8” high to fit under the passenger cars in your fleet. Double telescoping arms allows lifting of vehicles from large utility trucks, to short wheelbase sub-compact cars.