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John Bean ATC 900
Dual Bead Breaker Tire Changer
Part Number: EEWH542AJBC

The dual-disc bead breaker, center clamp system, and automatic demounting tool make the ATC 900 the most productive tire changer solution on the market.

Leverless demounting and powered wheel lift reduce technician fatigue and opportunity for injury. Dual disc bead breakers and servo positioned and electronically synchronized so the technician can efficiently maintain a safe and ergonomic bay position.

  • Electronic Sync Dual Bead Breaker –  Laser pointer for precise mounting tool positioning. Electronically synchronized dual disc bead breaker with servo drive. Bead roller is effective on both soft and stiff sidewalls. Dual bead breaker allows ergonomic upright body position.
  • Quick Fit Center Wheel Clamping –  Center wheel clamping provides easy and precise wheel mounting while avoiding damage. Precise centering prevents rim edge contact with the mounting tool. Two-speed system provides both precision and productivity for mounting and demounting.
  • Wheel Lift – Reduces fatigue and the chance of injury presented by handling heavy tires and rims.
  • Wheel Center Pilot Hole Clamping – Reduces the chance for rim damage and provides positive center hole clamping using a cone and quick nut.
  • Laser Positioned Tooling –  Precise rim edge positioning prevents damage to the wheel or tire due to misaligned tool.
  • Bead Assist – Follows the rotation to position the bead in the wheel’s drop center on difficult, stiff side wall, tires.
  • Integrated Tire Inflation System – Quick and safe top side bead seating and inflation included.