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John Bean V1200 Wheel Aligner
3D On-the Car Wheel Aligner

Using advanced XD cameras and sophisticated monitoring algorithms, the V1200 Wheel Alignment System detects issues with suspension stress and errors from lift clamps, environment, and more.

To save time and ensure accuracy on every alignment, users are notified only when necessary with additional information never more than one click away.

True 3D car wheel aligner for general repair shops and smaller independent garages that want professional quality, simple installation, ease of use.

  • True 3D on-the-car wheel alignment technology with 2 rear camera pods with AC700 wheel clamps, 2 front targets with AC700 wheel clamps and 2 lift-mounted reference pods

  • 3D vehicle measurement provides accurate and live alignment adjustment, full vehicle dimensions, and easy installation requiring no lift calibration

  • Cordless design with WiFi both for alignment components and for connection to the internet

  • Graphics display provides all relevant data – optimised for visibility and clarity

  • Mobile control terminal with 22” monitor, printer and battery chargers for pod batteries

  • New easy rolling run-out compensation has short roll that stays on the turntable

  • New information preview provides critical data before work begins – time-saving, ergonomic and easy to understand

  • Live alignment error checking with compensate, warn, alert notification system to notify the user of errors as they happen without slowing the process

  • Dynamic ride height and frame angle based vehicle specs

  • VODI (visual indicators) on the pods guides the technician through the measuring process

  • Live adjustment of camber, caster, and toe (elevated)

  • Measurement of toe-out on turns and manual ride height measurement

  • EZ Toe® allows adjustment without steering wheel holder or at maximum steering angle, prevents crooked steering wheels and simplifies adjustment

  • Automatic online specification and software update



Cast aluminum AC700 wheel clamps fit rims from 11″ to 22,” with no limitations and 4,9 to 5,2 kg (10.9 to 11.5 lbs.) per clamp.


Featuring easy-rolling casters, storage for all attachments and a fully enclosed printer compartment.


All new user interface with three levels of intervention — Compensate, Warn, Alert — with corrective actions clearly identified and more information just one click away.


Quick rolling compensation provides critical information via an adaptive user interface, with instant access to productivity tools and assistance.


Mounting hardware adapts to common alignment lifts and is easily removed with Quick Release System.


Small footprint makes the most of any available space, bringing advanced, intuitive alignment services to shops of every size.


Pods mount with ease, communicating wirelessly and store quickly and easily when finished.