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John Bean V2280 Wheel Aligner
The Alignment Workhorse

Now there’s an advanced imaging alignment system that doesn’t require lots of training or experience to operate.

With the latest XD target and camera system, the V2280 features advanced technology, combined with the simplest, most intuitive software we’ve ever offered providing the essential tools for any alignment tech. It’s the best of both worlds.

Designed for the independent workshop to provide core alignment functions quickly and easily.

  • Software designed together with technicians around the core functions: you never wait for the system
  • Intelligent & predictive alignment workflow for your selected vehicle without unnecessary steps
  • Compensate, Warn & Alert let’s you perform your work fast with professional results
  • Rolling Compensation time reduced 35% compared to previous models
  • Intelligent shorter procedure for caster swing: 40% faster than previous models
  • Automatic Tracking Camera Beam: you don’t have to spend time on adjusting the height of the camera beam
  • Cabinet position independent from camera beam
  • Cloud based printing option: retrieve and print your reports from any internet connected PC or mobile device



Intelligent & predictive alignment workflow for your selected vehicle without unnecessary steps. All the other features are always just one click away.


The Compensate, warn & alert system ensures a fast and reliable alignment process. It detects problems with suspension stress and damage, lift, clamps, environment and more.


The V2280 cameras move automatically up and down following the targets.

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